Change of route at Jachtslot Mookerheide

Hunting lodge Mookerheide
Hunting lodge Mookerheide

For those who will soon be on the road: we are making a route change at Jachtslot Mookerheide. For a year now, a ‘mountain bike trail’ has been running along our path. This leads to potentially dangerous situations. Our scouts on site have found a nice alternative. We will soon be adjusting our marking.

In our new edition of the route guide (the seventh already) we include this change. That guide will be published in time. For everyone who has route guide editions 1 to 6:

Route map 14: Mookerheide – Heumense Schans

Balls 1 to 9 will remain as they are now.

● 10. After the gate, turn right and immediately turn right again and follow the sandy path along the fence and heather. (Before the railway station, turn left down the stairs after the gate).

Route map 15: Heumense Schans – Glider airfield

● 1. Turn left at the T-junction, cross the cycle route and turn right at the next intersection.

● 2. Straight ahead, past kas on the left. At the end of the stairs go down and left (Hunting Lodge is on your right).

● 3. In a bend to the right, left and immediately right again. After water (l’eau d’amour) keep right, straight on until the asphalt road, then left.

● 4. At the end, cross the busy road and turn right into the forest before the railway pit.

Balls 5 to 10 remain as they are.