Chance on the Walk of Walk of Wisdom – an account of Antoinette (pilgrim 1900)

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“To the organization of Walk of Wisdom,

I hereby send you a story/poem of what I experienced during my walk of wisdom. I have been in contact with the person in question (Mr. M.) and it may be shared.

On the occasion of my 65th birthday, I wanted to walk a pilgrimage. Actually, I didn’t want to be far away, but close to stay in my own country and simple.

By chance (reading in the newspaper) I came across your route. In eleven days, an average of 12/13 km per day, I was able to complete the entire trip. This tour started on April 12 and ended on May 19, 2018. I was the 1900th participant.

It was a varied journey, because of the encounters with people, with the different landscapes, with the history and with cultural backgrounds.

But also with the silence and the encounter with myself.

I look back on these days and this trip with gratitude. At map no. 17 (Malden-Haterse fens) we had the next meeting on April 30th.

The weather was wet and chilly that day.


There were five of us

and were looking for a bench

to eat our sandwiches quietly


We got a place in your kitchen

a chair to sit on

just like that in your kitchen

strangers to each other and yet familiar


You were still in the middle of the move

After years of searching for work in the eco-sector

stopped you looking

And by letting go

fell to you the current work


From the west you took the step

to the east of the country

by letting go

what you longed for fell


as a thank you a ‘golden seedling’

The symbolic angel of our Walk of Wisdom route

Child of Mother Earth

Handle it mindfully


It was in good hands

Your hands and heart felt the value

And respectfully you answered

by embracing it


A moment to cherish

in your heart.


Antoinette Menting
(Pilgrim 1900, following a meeting with Mr. M. in Malden 30-4-2018)

Antoinette’s poem is an entry for our new pilgrim’s book of hours: link.