‘Walking to wisdom’: story about the Walk of Walk of Wisdom in the magazine Naar Buiten

'This age of globalisation calls for something that connects us, because we are increasingly aware that we are part of the same world.' That is what pioneer Damiaan Messing says in the beautiful article about the Walk of Wisdom that has been…

Beautiful article in magazine full sentence about ‘Modern pilgrimage route without destination’

"The word 'pilgrim' comes from 'peregrinus' which means stranger. As a pilgrim, you consciously put yourself in a position where you are not at home, you distance yourself from the fixed structure in your life. And then you discover that the…

De Volkskrant on the road to repentance for everyone

And another great story about the Walk of Walk of Wisdom: today in the Volkskrant. Journalist Mac van Dinther walks part of the route and lets pioneers Damiaan Messing and Manja Bente have their say. Click here for the article.

Nice interview on radio 1 with Manja and Damiaan about the Walk of Walk of Wisdom

Damiaan Messing and Manja Bente, pioneers of the Walk of Walk of Wisdom, told on Thursday evening for the radio in the program 'Langs de Lijn en Omstreken' about the origin of the pilgrimage route around Nijmegen and the special nature of pilgrimage.…

Newspaper Trouw on ‘Walking to become wise’

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"Scientists compare a pilgrimage route to an empty ship. The symbols and the route make up the ship. The pilgrims fill it with meaning." Newspaper Trouw published an extensive article about the Walk of Wisdom. Journalist Stijn Fens interviewed…
Walk of Wisdom symbols

A small pilgrimage around Nijmegen

"Believing in God is no longer necessary and the goal doesn't really matter. So what motivates modern pilgrims to set out?" The magazine Genoeg devoted its summer issue to 'the little pilgrimage' and paid extensive attention to the Walk of Wisdom. Genoeg…

Article in Omnes, magazine pilgrim roads to Rome

 A nice article about the Walk of Wisdom in Omnes , a magazine for pilgrims to Rome   Hiking wisdom around Nijmegen   by Ruud Bruggeman A month before the start of the Four Days Marches, I am on my way to Nijmegen,…

Gelderse Koppen – TV Gelderland, with Harm Edens

NIJMEGEN- A contemporary pilgrimage route, independent of religion. That's the Walk of Wisdom. This 136-km long tour around Nijmegen is an initiative of Damiaan Messing (42).  He walked the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela…