short manual for the modern pilgrim

Short practical guide for the modern pilgrim

With gladness and contentment we present our short practical guide for the modern pilgrim. We hope the guide will be of help for pilgrims setting out for a Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage, but you can make a pilgrimage everywhere. The guide is…
VertrekceremonieYolanda van Diepen

“Pilgrim coaches: a new phenomenon” – by Dane Munro

Academic Dane Munro has written a research paper on "pilgrim coaching", using the Walk of Wisdom as a case study.
Cover Fertile Earth Elysian Fields by Siemen Dijkstra

How to become good ancestors? Fertile Earth magazine

The Vruchtbare Aarde (Fertile Earth) magazine tries to get to the 'inside of things'. The last issue contained a report by pilgrim Herman Heijstek about his Walk of Wisdom.
pilgrim Jessie Jager Stevenskerk

“There is always a solution” – Jessie Jager

Slowing down – that's what people often think of when making pilgrimages. This summer, Jessie Jager featured in Runner's World and Women's Health with a completely different experience. Jessie walked our 136 kilometer trail not in one or…

Walk of Wisdom in Buneke

Nice: we are in an English magazine – Buneke. The magazine and the site focus on positive change in the world, on 'world changers'. Glad we're part of that... It is not often that we are in an English magazine. Good example to follow? Read…

Walk of Wisdom wins big regional prize

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Our Walk of Wisdom won the people's award in the election of the Gelderland province for quality of landscape. The jury selected us to the top five, but awarded it's jury prize to a smart city project in Arnhem resurfacing an old river…