Report of our 13,538th pilgrim: Wendy Hermsen

Nijmegen - Kranenburg Day 1 I walked from Nijmegen to Kranenburg. It was 32 km. What a beautiful route this was. In the ooipolder I saw a deer and two hares ran behind each other. The birds whistled lustily. What a silence there was around…
Ooypoort door Marja Hakkoer

Silent walk series: a ribbon of silence, reflection and fun – by Gert Bos

Gert Bos joins us in our silent walk series 'The Walk of Wisdom in a year round'. He wrote a report of the silent walk from Kranenburg to Plasmolen in March 2023. Photos by Marja Hakkoer. On Sunday, April 2, we leave in the morning by bus…
Rachel de Vries van Banda

The Walk of Wisdom in 10 haikus – by pilgrim Rachel

How nice: we received a first submission in response to our annual theme Germination. It belongs to Rachel de Vries van Banda from The Hague on the occasion of her 'walk of wisdom' in March 2023. Would you also like to submit a report or submission?…

“A Warm Wisdom” (poem René van Nieuwkuijk)

In February, René van Nieuwkuijk attended our departure ceremony for pilgrims at sunrise. At sunset he participated in the Sunset March , at the end of our route on the bridge the Crossing. "Suddenly I realized that in Nijmegen…
Hatertse Vennen

“Nothing stays the same” – Anneke Scholten

My Walk of Wisdom: "Nothing stays the same". By Anneke Scholten. From Thursday, October 27 to Friday, November 4, 2022, I will have the Walk of WisdomRun. Pilgrim number 12051. I never thought I'd be happy to write a song.get. The reason The…
Duik in water ritueel

Pilgrim’s Happiness – by Francine Postma

My sixth day of hiking has started grey. There is a chilly wind and it is drizzling. In myRain suit, I walk, with rustling trouser legs, on muddy paths, through forests andfields. I pass farms, mills, country houses and even a castle.…

Each stage a unique t-shirt – Monique Brouwer

Monique Brouwer has her own craft page and decided to make a unique t-shirt for each stage of her trip. We don't often get such a creative pilgrim on our route! "I make these shirts to be unique and go my own way after a lot of setbacks so…

Walk of Wisdom in pictures – by Marjolijn Gerrits

Marjolijn Gerrits walked the Walk of Wisdom as a pilgrim last year and sent in these photos. by Marjolijn Gerrits
Nijmegen Walk of Wisdom winter

Walk of Wisdom in winter – Sheila Olsthoorn

My Walk of Wisdom - by Sheila Olsthoorn From Saturday 3 to Saturday 10 December 2022 Early in the morning we drove to Nijmegen for the departure ceremony at sunrise: the pilgrim's lauds on this Saturday. That seemed like a good start…
Helene Tabben

“Inspired along the way” – Mariëlle van Enckevort

Mariëlle van Enckevort wrote a poem after her Walk of Wisdom . Searching for answersAnswers to questionsOut of Life Inspired along the wayand desperateback and forthHurled Time Gives AnswersoftenThe outdoors also helpsPutting things…