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Waalgaard Weurt

De Waalgaard: “Food production in collaboration with nature”

In Weurt we recently got a new stop: the Waalgaard. A few enthusiastic people bought an old-fashioned sprayed pear orchard here and created a food forest and a pick-your-own garden. Pilgrims who walk the Walk of Wisdom can score their 'Beuningen'…
Vertrekceremonie bij zonsopgang

The story of the departure ceremony (15): “Good enough”

Last Saturday was our departure ceremony at sunrise: the pilgrim lauds. This time with a text by Damiaan Messing, the pioneer of the Walk of Wisdom.
Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

Stories from markers: Annet Kooijmans

Our marker Annet Kooijmans lives right next to our route in Groesbeek (map 7, dot 10). Pilgrims are welcome to visit her for a cup of coffee for a voluntary contribution. She has a house to spend the night that is very popular, often you can…
Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane co-writes Op Weg naar Wisdom

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Great news: writer Kiza Magendane is going to walk the Walk of Wisdom and is co-writing our second book of pilgrimage hours On the Way to Wisdom. Kiza writes regularly for NRC-Handelsblad and the Groene Amsterdammer and recently published Met Nederland in therapie (With the Netherlands in therapy).
kruiwagentocht Oortjeshekken

“We are for the Earth”

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Every nature lover who follows the news has a lot to deal with: nitrogen, climate... the depressing tune! However, there are also optimists among the green people. Who don't talk about doom and fragility of nature. For example, I like…
Pelgrimsgetijdenboek - Patricia vd Camp
Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

The story of the departure ceremony (13): “Other people’s eyes”

About the distance between then and now The Cloud by Gea Karhof, a miniature in our first pilgrim book of hours Seasons of Life "One of the most fundamental – and perhaps one of the most frustrating – limitations of human beings is…
Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

Pilgrims on the big screen: Ode to the Camino!

Pilgrims on the big screen - an ode to the pilgrimage route the camino to Santiago de Compostela
Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

We Are Going on the Way to Wisdom

Modern pilgrimage is about the freedom to go your own way. Runners seek that freedom wherever there are pilgrimage routes and long-distance trails. To connect with that freedom, Path of Your Own Wisdom was our subtitle for years. But is…
Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

“This book is not facebook: you can put everything in here”

Halfway along the route is a beautiful chapel. Not the most beautiful part of the route, but that chapel works wonders. You can take shelter from the rain and from the sun. You can eat your sandwich or drink your own coffee or tea. There…