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Annual theme: what is your germination capacity?

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Germination is the annual theme of the Walk of Wisdom in 2023. All that wants life runs out andbrings out what was inside.And I, too, obey the sun.I want to sow and sing,the currently smallgerms and their source Hein Stufkens "Germination…
Elyzeese Velden

“On the road in silence” – New series of silent walks started

"For me, walking in silence is a good way to consciously notice what can be seen, heard and felt in the environment around me. And that environment is also the people or the trees, the plants, the landscape, the season. The silence makes it…

Sky and emptiness: Saturday departure ceremony

This Saturday is our (free) departure ceremony after sunrise: the pilgrim lauds. We walk in silence through the deserted Stevens Church in Nijmegen. In the middle of the beautiful space, we listen to a story from Seasons of Life, the first…

Each stage a unique t-shirt – Monique Brouwer

Monique Brouwer has her own craft page and decided to make a unique t-shirt for each stage of her trip. We don't often get such a creative pilgrim on our route! "I make these shirts to be unique and go my own way after a lot of setbacks so…
Judith Krebbekx

Sunrise departure ceremony

This Saturday is our departure ceremony at sunrise: the pilgrim's lauds. In the deserted Stevens Church in Nijmegen, we make a quiet walk a little after sunrise and then listen to a story from our first book of hours: Seasons of Life. Below…

Finally at my writing place

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At the end of my first day of Walk of Wisdom, 2.5 years ago, I sat on a bench with this view. I had just walked this pilgrim path, when I saw a man approaching in the distance. I wondered if he was also walking the tour and looked at him,…
Stevenskerk door Thomas Hontelez

Monica Boschman: “I can hear it in my inner ear.”

"The outer path around the city and the inner path of the soul [...]" Poem in honour of 750 years of Stevenskerk.
Maria Mazarakis

Meaning coach Maria Mazarakis in our new Book of Hours

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After choosing inspiration as a theme for our new Book of Hours, we came into contact with Maria Mazarakis. Maria is a sociologist and meaning coach and has been organizing the Inspiration Stage in Arnhem for years. Here she lets people speak…

Thomas Hontelez: Walking as a natural state of being (interview)

"When I walk, and especially when I walk long distances, I can identify a bit with the primitive man who also wandered and walked for days, weeks, months."
Stevenspedel bij onze pelgrimslauden

The story of the departure ceremony (16): ‘Biomimicry’

Stevenspedel at our pilgrim lauds Every first Saturday of the month we organize a departure ceremony at sunrise: the pilgrim lauds. We then make a silent tour through the abandoned Stevens Church in Nijmegen, our starting and ending point.…