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Become a co-creator of the world – Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas

The artists behind our symbol Pilgrim - Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas - were on TV this week at a beautiful broadcast of Binnenste Buiten. Co-coordinator Damiaan wrote the column below. Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas in the Tempelhof "Nature…
Fiets- en wandelbeurs

At the campsite during the Fiets en Wandelbeurs – report

Last February we were again at the annual cycling and walking fair in Utrecht. On a special pilgrim square, sponsored by the organization. A report by Manja, co-coordinator of our route. Photo: Bicycle and walking fair by Stephan de Goede I…

An honesty bar on the route: Bergharen Refuge

Co-coordinator Damiaan visited Ad and Iny's mountain hut in Bergharen with colleague Manja. An 'honesty bar' where pilgrims can make their own tea and coffee and catch their breath. A spontaneous initiative of cordiality on the Walk of Wisdom.…

Jaap Robben: “You miss more than you experience” (departure ceremony after sunrise)

At our departure ceremony after sunrise at the beginning of this month, Monica Boschman read a text by Jaap Robben, which he wrote for our first book of hours Seasons of Life. "You're missing out on more than you're experiencing." "You're…

Feed the Source: report on the special departure ceremony on the Waal

Manja Bente recently supervised a special departure ceremony on the Waal. The ceremony was for Tamar Falconer who left with her camel Einstein to promote her book and lifestyle as a "full-time adventurer". The ceremony was an initiative of…
Monica Boschman

Monica Boschman: Vindersloon en Zolderdagen – poetry collection and novel

We are proud: the chairman of our foundation - Monica Boschman - has recently published a collection of poetry and novel. We would like to pay attention to it. Water carrier That half of a human being is made up of moisturecells are sachets…

Germination: group playgrimage departed

Last Saturday, co-coordinator Manja left as a volunteer with a group pilgrimage on the theme of "germination." As a guide and facilitator, she and six others walk the route in eight days. The stages are in silence, but there is good chatter…

Hooray: it’s the Walk of Wisdom birthday!

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Today, on 21 June, the Walk of Wisdom around Nijmegen celebrates its eighth anniversary. We are happy with it! Jan Willem van Opstal as one of our first pilgrims at the opening in 2015 We founded our foundation in 2011. We wanted to develop…

Inspiration walk “Germination” – report

In April, Manja Bente and Lidia van Engeland organised an inspiration walk in the run-up to International Earth Day. The theme was 'germination'. Below is a report by Manja. Photos by Vivian Cremers. Manja is co-developer of the Walk of Wisdom…
Christiane Berkvens-Stevelinck

“I want to live out of love” – Christiane Berkvens- Stevelinck

"You can learn to trust the other person by being completely trusting yourself. For others and, for starters, for yourself.