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World Clean-up day – Sat 16 Sep Are you in?

We are going to clean up litter on the Spiegelwaal in Nijmegen.
Monica Boschman

Monica Boschman: Vindersloon en Zolderdagen – poetry collection and novel

We are proud: the chairman of our foundation - Monica Boschman - has recently published a collection of poetry and novel. We would like to pay attention to it. Water carrier That half of a human being is made up of moisturecells are sachets…

Germination: group playgrimage departed

Last Saturday, co-coordinator Manja left as a volunteer with a group pilgrimage on the theme of "germination." As a guide and facilitator, she and six others walk the route in eight days. The stages are in silence, but there is good chatter…
Stevenskerk door Bart Kouwenberg

Landscape contribution: €750 for Stevens Church

We were able to transfer €750 to our starting and ending point as a contribution to the maintenance of the church.
Janneke van Dijk alias Goudreinet

Goudreinet writes new song for our pilgrimage tradition

How nice: we have an extra farewell song for our departure ceremony for pilgrims. It was written by Goudreinet, the alias of Janneke van Dijk. New music The Walk of Wisdom has only been around for eight years as a pilgrimage tradition.…

Hooray: it’s the Walk of Wisdom birthday!

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Today, on 21 June, the Walk of Wisdom around Nijmegen celebrates its eighth anniversary. We are happy with it! Jan Willem van Opstal as one of our first pilgrims at the opening in 2015 We founded our foundation in 2011. We wanted to develop…

Tip for modern pilgrims: Museumpark Orientalis

Our 136-kilometre route around Nijmegen lacks one special place that we would like to point out to 'modern pilgrims': Museumpark Orientalis and the Holy Land Foundation. Just across the border from Nijmegen in Berg en Dal. The Holy Land…
Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap

Germination: €250 for the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association

In the run-up to International Earth Day, we had a nice inspirational walk about germination. We donate the proceeds of that day plus some extras to the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association: an enthusiastic club that has been committed to our…
Jansberg Walk of Wisdom

8 day group game grimage: Germination

From 29 July to 5 August Walk the Walk of Wisdom in eight days under the guidance of two volunteers with the theme of germination . The proceeds will go to the development of our book of hours On the way to wisdom (more). What is your…
Ricardo Bodemzicht

€555,- for worm castings

In her boots, Anne van Leeuwen of Bodemzicht led us to her regenerative field in Malden. She crouched down by a clump of tall grass to push away some grass with one hand and point with the other: "Look, worm poop!" We leaned down to the…