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short manual for the modern pilgrim

Short practical guide for the modern pilgrim

With gladness and contentment we present our short practical guide for the modern pilgrim. We hope the guide will be of help for pilgrims setting out for a Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage, but you can make a pilgrimage everywhere. The guide is…
stichting Vrienden op de Fiets

An ode to the Friends on the Bicycle foundation (vrienden op de fiets)

Thanks to the Friends of the Bicycle foundation ("Vrienden op de fiets"), walkers and cyclists throughout the Netherlands and far beyond can spend the night with 'friends' for a small fee. Often these are also hikers and cyclists who make…

New ambassador: Hans Teunissen, Mayor of Gennep

Gennep Mayor The Walk of Wisdom has a new ambassador: Hans Teunissen, the mayor of Gennep. Teunissen has been in office for a number of years. He succeeded Peter de Koning, who was also an ambassador of our pilgrimage route at the time. We…
Elyzeese Velden

Join our new series of silence walks

On Sunday 4 February, our series of 10 silent walks 'The Walk of Wisdom in a year round' will start. Will you walk with us? You can register for the entire series, but also for a separate walk. The proceeds will go to a new bench on the route. Silently…

Our heroes of the pilgrim office

Together they sent thousands of starter kits for pilgrims of the Walk of Wisdom: Tineke Hendriks and Salima Schipper. The volunteers of our pilgrim office. We can't tell them often enough and that's why we like to do it in public: you are great! Salima…

An honesty bar on the route: Bergharen Refuge

Co-coordinator Damiaan visited Ad and Iny's mountain hut in Bergharen with colleague Manja. An 'honesty bar' where pilgrims can make their own tea and coffee and catch their breath. A spontaneous initiative of cordiality on the Walk of Wisdom.…

Jacobsgenootschap autumn day: That’s how it can be done!

Saturday, November 11, I was with Manja at the fall meeting of the Jacobsgenootschap with a stand about the Walk of Wisdom. The society helps pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The association has more than 13,000 members…

Landscape contribution: €222 for nature foundation Kadans in Nederasselt

Although our route runs right past it, pilgrims will not know the area. Out of sight, but not out of mind!
Henry Mentink

the entire Earth as UNESCO world heritage? Henry Mentink’s wheelbarrow walk

Henry Mentink proposes the entire Earth as UNESCO world heritage. He will walk to Paris in 45 days with a wheelbarrow full of earth to make his case.
Nadia Zerouali

TV chef Nadia Zerouali is co-writing our new book

TV chef Nadia Zerouali is going on a Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage and will contribute to our new book.
Hunting Lodge Mookerheide Natuurmonumenten

Giving back: €240 for Natuurmonumenten

From every donation for our starter packs, we set aside €1 for nature and the landscape along the route. At the end of December, we helped Natuurmonumenten (+-Dutch national trust) with €240 for the beautiful Hunting Lodge Mookerheide,…