Can a pilgrimage route help to become ‘whole’? And how?

Can walking a pilgrimage route such as the Walk of Wisdom help to become ‘whole’ again after a serious illness such as cancer? Or after the loss of someone you love? And how exactly?

Who has experience with that? 

Together  with the Nijmegen Marikenhuis, we will hold an orientation evening on this subject on Tuesday 5 September (starting at 19:00).

If you have experience with walking a pilgrimage route (the Walk of Wisdom or another route) after illness or loss and you want to briefly tell something about it in front of the room in private, please let us know by email: [email protected]


The evening starts with a short presentation by Manja Bente or Damiaan Messing about the Walk of Wisdom. 

After that, we would like to hear an experience story. Then there is plenty of room for mutual exchange: how can you fill in a pilgrimage in a way that helps in your process? 

Pilgrim/musician Mark Schilders will provide the music.

Three starter packs of the Walk of Wisdom will be raffled off among all participants.

More information about/registration for the meeting: click here

And here you will find more information about the Marikenhuis, a walk-in centre for people affected by cancer. The photo is also of the Marikenhuis.