Pilgrim’s Book of Hours: On the Way to Wisdom

At the opening of the Walk of Wisdom in 2015, we also presented a modern Book of Hours. Inspired by the medieval prayer books of the Brothers of Limburg , we published a book of reflection independent of religion thanks to Intermedi-Art Art Affairs. Well-known and unknown Dutch people wrote in it about an inspiring life experience. Modern artists created small works of art especially for the book.

This Book of Hours – Seasons of Life – has long been out of print. We are now making a second Book of Hours: On the Way to Wisdom. It contains accounts from some of the 12,000 pilgrims who have walked the Walk of Wisdom over the past seven years. Interspersed with art and poetry. And a few real Earth Angels: More.

The first chapter is now ready and available as an e-book (pdf, 88 pages). You can download it for €9.99. From the income we make the next chapters and finally the paper book.

Op weg naar wijsheid