Bird Atlas Sponsored Run: money for the Lark in

As a boy of about nine years old, I lived on a farm. Behind a dike, along a canal, was a meadow that exerted a great attraction on me. On a beautiful summer’s day, there were a lot of people sitting there Larks and I lay down on my back in the grass to listen to the chirping of the birds. It was beautiful to hear and suddenly I got very clear images. I saw how from the origin, step by step, everything that is there today came into being: the entire evolution on earth, including human life, including my own.  

Herman Wijffels in Seasons of Life, a contemporary book of hours and pilgrims.

For twenty birds of the Bird Atlas of Sovon, we each try to raise €200, including on our sponsored run of September 10. The full registration fee of €5 per participant goes to the atlas, but money is already coming in for people’s favorite birds. The first of these is the Lark.

Overview of sponsor run dates: link

The sound of the skylark: