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€150,- for Dutch conservation trust

With joy we donated €150,- for the Dutch conservation trust to maintain the Palland Valley. The valley is kept to demonstrate the original Dutch landschape with braided and wooded hedges. The trust campaigns for funds to restore this landscape. Our pilgrimage passes through the valley and we are glad to help our. We donate €1,- […]

Short practical guide for the modern pilgrim

Our English routeguide is printed! Read the poem former Nijmegen city poet laureate Frouke Arns wrote for our pilgrimage in translation by John Irons. Short practical guide for the modern pilgrim  Take a selfie before setting out, then leave your mobile to its own devices. Now only you have access to yourself. You must charge your own […]


Routeguide english edition in print!

Many thanks to our volunteers Stuart Harris and Daniëlle Slootjes who translated our routeguide. After months of work we were able to send the english edtion to the printer. We expect the guides mid June and hope to finish our website english ediiton by then to welcome from abroad!


Our first pilgrims from America

This morning, as the 2654th and 2655th pilgrim, Sam Sokolsky-Tifft from Massachusetts and Spencer Wilson from Georgia left tot a Walk of Wisdom. The two Americans were very interested in the journey – “good for our soul” – and will test a translation of the route guide by two of our volunteers. Thanks to Stuart […]