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Tempelhof groepspelgrimage

Our current secretary is passing on the baton after eight years (thanks Jan!). As a result, board members Monica Boschman (chairman) and Angélique Vermeulen (now treasurer) are looking for a new board member (secretary or treasurer) who wants to continue the great work for the foundation together with them. Angélique is flexible about her position: secretary or treasurer. That is why we are opening a vacancy for both positions.

Walk of Wisdom

The Walk of Wisdom Foundation wants to promote wisdom with the help of a week-long pilgrimage route through a diverse landscape with telephone and internet as much as possible. The foundation is independent of any religion and is based on the connection between people and the world. Our great plan is a marked pilgrimage route in every country of the world. In 2015 we started a pioneering route of 136 kilometres around Nijmegen. More than 15,000 pilgrims have already left their steps on the route.

The organization

The day-to-day work of the foundation is carried out by two part-time coordinators and dozens of volunteers. The board assesses remotely, creates conditions and facilitates the coordinators. In doing so, the board monitors the mission and objectives. Walk of Wisdom is a financially healthy foundation.

Spearheads for the coming period are the expansion of the pilgrimage tradition, the safeguarding of the organization and the consolidation of the growth of recent years.

Profile board member

Heerlijkheid Beek, the Elysian Fields

We are looking for a new board member who feels at home at the Walk of Wisdom and recognizes himself in the profile of secretary or treasurer. Our current treasurer Angélique is flexible about her position, which is why we are opening a vacancy for both positions. We are looking for someone who:

  • thinks constructively and can find the right balance between involvement and administrative distance;
  • wants to dedicate themselves from enthusiasm and enthusiasm to the realization of the ideals of the foundation;
  • preferably resides in Nijmegen or the Nijmegen area;
  • has an affinity with walking in general and the idea of pilgrimage in particular.

Profile secretary

As secretary, you keep an eye on what needs to be put on the agenda. You coordinate this with the chairman. You take care of correspondence with the Chamber of Commerce and archive relevant documents. You can leave the reporting of a meeting to our experienced minute-taker/advisor. We are looking for someone who:

  • can keep a good overview of what is going on;
  • accurate and structured.

Treasurer’s profile

As treasurer, you will work closely with the accounting department and coordination in keeping an overview of and controlling the financial situation of the foundation. You are involved in the preparation of the annual report and the budget. We are looking for someone who:

  • has good general financial acumen;
  • has experience in drawing up or reviewing budgets and annual accounts.

Time Commitment and Reimbursement

The board work for the Walk of Wisdom is unpaid: directors do not receive any fees or travel expenses. The board meets at least four times a year in an informal setting with the coordinators at the foundation’s office address on the Pater Brugmanstraat in Nijmegen. There are also a few half-days every year to discuss the race together and explore new ideas. Time commitment is on average about 6 hours per month.

Respond and learn more

Ritual Pilgrimage Route Walk of Wisdom

Are you interested? Send us an email with a short motivation no later than March 28th. You can send this to [email protected]. Interviews with candidates will take place on Thursday evening, April 4, and Saturday afternoon, April 6.

On our current website ( you will find a lot of information about the foundation and its plans. Do you have any questions about the vacancy? Please contact Monica ([email protected]) or Angélique ([email protected]).