Ardi Brouwer makes Nijmegen print and miniatures


For the contemporary book of Seasons of Life (Seasons of Life ), Ardi Brouwer made four miniature lithographs based on a quote from Per Petterson’s Stealing Horses : ‘the colourful sky holds the world together’.

Every year, Intermedi-Art organizes the Summer Exhibition with contemporary visual art in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. In 2015, the contemporary book of the Hours and pilgrims Seasons of Life is central to this exhibition. But as in previous years, the Nijmegen print remains an important part. This year’s22nd print will be made by Ardi Brouwer. 

Monumental forms in architecture and landscape, accentuated by a strong contrast of light-dark, determine the image in her lithographs and pastels. That’s why, as far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t obvious to ask Ardi to make miniatures for the Book of Hours and Pilgrims. But because her imagery could add something powerful, I asked her anyway. To my surprise, she was immediately enthusiastic. She was eager to give it a try. She thought of the sky as a connecting element: ‘all the roads, all the paths, take us under the same sun, moon, palate’. So that was good! 

Recently we drove to Schiphol Airport and saw the constellation Orion in the sky along the way. In another continent, I stepped out the door the next day and who had traveled with us? Orion! I immediately thought of Ardi. 

In the meantime I have received her cycle of four pictures (lithographs): From the morning, through the afternoon, To the evening and Into the night. Clear titles, if you put the miniatures next to each other, the air runs through. The different landscapes are thus connected to each other. The differences in atmosphere are typical of the time of day. 


Ardi Brouwer,  Haarlem, 1960

Education: Royal Academy of Art in The Hague