Annual theme: what is your germination capacity?

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Germination is the annual theme of the Walk of Wisdom in 2023.


All that wants life runs out and
brings out what was inside.
And I, too, obey the sun.
I want to sow and sing,
the currently small
germs and their source

Hein Stufkens

“Germination is love”

What is your germination rate? We asked the participants of our inspiration walk in April.

The beauty of our earth and the fact that I can walk on it gives me the ability to germinate.

Germination is breaking out of your comfort zone. It is daring to choose for your soul’s desire. Dare to break through your blockages and choose freedom. “Choosing your own course off the beaten track”.

You germinate when you are in the right place (soil) at the right time. To find out which place and what time you should have? This is a process that sometimes takes time. Finding silence within myself, helps me walk, into nature, being in the now and with the small eventually brings me to the place of germination.

Germination: a force that comes from within, but at the same time needs a good habitat to flourish. We think it’s a beautiful, creative field of tension between freedom and connectedness, and those are two core values of our foundation.

Germination will also be the theme of the second chapter of our new Book of Hours On the Way to Wisdom. We are going to ask a number of writers and poets to give their perspective on this. Other themes from the book are inspiration and boundaries. Lake.

If you would like to share a report or experience, please send an email to [email protected].

About the photos

Photo above: Duivelsberg, by Staatsbosbeheer. Photo below: Villa Wylerberg on the Duivelsberg, the location of our inspiration day in April. It is the headquarters of the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association and the location of monthly nature-related concerts.

Tip: the association manages a landscape museum and can be visited free of charge on Wednesdays and Sundays: more. Photos above by Rhea Diemer.

Dutch Cultural Landscape Association