An ode to the Friends on the Bicycle foundation (vrienden op de fiets)

Friends on the Bicycle Foundation

Thanks to the Friends of the Bicycle foundation (“Vrienden op de fiets”), walkers and cyclists throughout the Netherlands and far beyond can spend the night with ‘friends’ for a small fee. Often these are also hikers and cyclists who make their house and shower available for a night without commercialism and too many rules.

What once started with a small initiative by Nel de Blécourt has grown into a foundation with more than 5,000 overnight addresses. There are also about 75 places to stay at the Walk of Wisdom. Membership costs only €8 per year. For this, you will receive a complete booklet with all addresses and an overview map every year. You also have access to a handy overview map with the friends online. The site is available in English. We wholeheartedly recommend the foundation.


We congratulate the Friends of the Bicycle Foundation on its 40th anniversary this year! Our part-time co-coordinator Damiaan wrote an ode as ‘brother damiaan’ (translated with AI):

Friends on bikes

you sleep for almost nothing
in people’s homes
and rest when you’re exhausted
from a walking or cycling tour
away from the narrow bend
of stress and busyness
where people rise up
for values out of money’s reach
true hospitality knows no price
driven by supply and demand
no market rules here
power nor competition
here you’ll find the real bonus of your trip
a society with friends
instead of competitors
fellow travellers on the road
of which no one really
knows the direction
oh well, that’s life
I don’t wanny say anything more
gratitude for friends on the bike.

Damiaan (Meer)

More about Friends on the Bike

More about the Friends of the Bicycle Foundation: website.
On Friday 23, 24 and 25 February, the foundation will be at the Fiets-en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht: link.
(NB: the Walk of Wisdom will also have a booth at this fair!)