Action Home Sparrow

Actie Thuismus

We don’t just consume our route, we do something in return. Our latest action is to hang nesting boxes on trees of the municipality of Nijmegen. We have permission for about 12 boxes at the end of the route. We pay for the nesting boxes with money saved from the registration fee: the landscape contribution (€1 per pilgrim).

The nesting boxes are for or sparrows and a nice sequel to the 40 nesting boxes for house sparrows that we handed out this year with the Bird Working Group Nijmegen and surroundings to B&Bs on the route: action Thuismus. House sparrows have a hard time due to better roof insulation, which means they miss out on nesting opportunities. So the cabinets are desperately needed.

Hang a cupboard too! These months are an excellent time to do so. This gives birds a chance to get used to it and can also take shelter in it in inclement weather. Hang some food with it and there is a good chance that the flutterers will find your locker.

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Photo: Actie Thuismus, B&B Sprokkeltuin Beuningen.