About the beauty of an undefined life – report silent walk

Saturday morning, a light drizzle, gray cloud, little light as December is a darker month. Today we will walk the Walk of Wisdom together: the Zevendal, the Mookerhei, Mulderskop and Heumensoord. What a beautiful variety of places there are here. After the drizzle, the fog stays around us all day long as a protection, the rest of the world and daily wrinkles are far away. The fog shows us the bare winter trees as clear silhouettes, and an undefined life hides behind the gray haze. What a strange gift, a chilly December day, offering me protection and wonder.

The forest is bare, and a lot of trees has been felled. More than usual I see the beautiful tall trunks that are still standing and the terrain between the trees, ditches and holes. A border of trees in the middle of a moor. People everywhere have done something with the land, swept away pieces for a railway yard, herded cattle to graze the heathland, planted and felled. A process that always continues, and of which I am a part.

Together we are hiking companions for a day, what do we share? We want to be on the road, experience, be outside in nature. But everyone also has their own story, what does it leave behind? Is one day enough?

Yes, this one day I can step out of the daily routine, get into a new beautiful mist and move on with a rich experience.


Next silent walk Walk of Wisdom pilgrim route: January 8th.