A special departure ceremony

Every departure ceremony of the Walk of Wisdom in the Valkhof Chapel, or Nicholas Chapel , is special. Every pilgrim has a different intention to leave and to share that with each other makes it a special, intimate moment. No ceremony is the same: different weather, different season, the musician who colors the tone of the gathering, often with beautifully homemade lyrics. Every time I go home with a happy feeling.

The last departure ceremony was very special. Birgit and I were supervising the ceremony that day and when we swung open the heavy doors of the Valhof Chapel, we were surprised to see that the inner circle was covered with dark red velvet curtains.

You probably know it when you don’t expect something: your brain suddenly starts working very hard – where should we sit now, people will get there in no time, how do we do that. We walked through the corridor of the chapel and fortunately: there was an opening. Hey, what’s this.. a red carpet… All packages around a desk with a large, stately red chair behind it. We had arrived in the living room of Sinterklaas, decorated in detail. Actually, it goes without saying: Sinterklaas belongs in the Nicholas Chapel, of course.

He was not there and we were able to hold the ceremony in this special living room with Frank Drijvers as musician and Birgit Onna as ceremony woman.

Thank you for the hospitality Sinterklaas, it was beautiful!


To know more about the Nicholas Chapel: link.
To know more about our (free) departure ceremonies: link – register on time, limited space due to Corona!
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Photo above: Jan Alers. Other photos: Birgit van Onna