A kestrel flies out

Kestrel by Gerrit Jansen

Gerrit Jansen writes today on the nature page of the Gelderlander about our sponsored run for the Bird Atlas. He writes about the Kestrel: one of the 20 birds for which we are holding a sponsored run on Saturday 10 September.

With his company Natuurworkshops.nl, he sponsors the €200 for both the Kestrel and the Tree Sparrow, which we try to raise for each bird species. Kestrels breed on his ‘Hemelschen Boomgaard’ in Angeren:

“Our choice for the kestrel fell last Tuesday, because our young fledged then and believe me: Carla and I had to babysit for a day! It would have been better if they had stayed in the nest box for a few more days, then they could have exercised the flight muscles a bit more. Now it was a matter of trial and error. One plopped into an empty flower pot and one on the gravel. With a circumferential movement, I was able to prevent the fluffy youngster from walking on the road. …”

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Photo: Gerrit Jansen