A heart full enough – report silence walk Rob van Sprang


On the 9th of April I left for a silent walk in our series ‘the Walk of Wisdom in a year round‘ from the garden shed of the Veroovering in Ravenstein (see photo). The walk led by Nathalie Roovers was my ‘high’ of the year during the previous round in 2020 (report silence walk, part 1). Now, about 1.5 years later, I had actively invited others to join me on this walk. Not too much, because that many people don’t fit in the small church that plays a special role in this walk….

Silent walk
Photo Marja Hakkoer

When we got to know each other, Nathalie asked for a word, a word that typifies you. I listened attentively (and surprised) to others and in the meantime thought about the word that suited me. I’m often called the (big) mover, but yes if I think so myself… Well, when it was my turn, I cried out, “mover!” Nathalie looked at me, turned her chin to the side and asked me: your own or someone else’s? I left this in the middle and looked expectantly at the person to my right.

On our way to the church of St. John the Baptist in Neerlangel we walked into silence in preparation for the mystical Latifa prayer. This time I knew what was in store for me and longed to go back to the moment, the experience of prayer: by accepting, longing, hoping, trusting, surrendering to love and finally to my will.

During prayer, 7 human qualities are ‘touched’, as it were: ‘awakened’. Each latif, property, has its own place on the body (and the organs that are there) where you unlock a quality within yourself and listen to how it manifests itself in you. This experience is enhanced by placing your right hand on this spot with your left hand during prayer.

In the prayer, I lingered on the 6th Latif, the heart. Nathalie said that the word love also means ‘enough’: “you are enough”. I broke, felt that I was letting my heart work way too hard, and realized that the word I had chosen was driving this movement. I, the (big) mover, was ready: enough was enough. During the silence I had only one wish and that was to bring that energy back to the essence, my essence, to love.

Three hours later, during the coffee break at the fire wishing ball in Wijchen, I was able to reclaim the word mover from myself and add the word “rest” as a counterpart. Not that I’m not going to set anything in motion now (I still take myself with me everywhere), but I’m going to notice it sooner and won’t completely lose myself in it. Enough.

With great thanks for the guidance of this silent walk by Nathalie Roovers of coaching practice “De Veroovering” and Ine Van Gaalen “TerrAzul“, the location of the Fireball wishball. On to part 3 :). Would you also like to join us for a silent walk? Take a look at our agenda.