A gesture for the earth – new ritual by ceramist Ine van Gaalen

Can we change our relationship with the earth out of love instead of doom and guilt? With this reflection question, we are participating in Nijmegen Green Capital of Europe 2018.

Ceramist Ine van Gaalen found a special answer: a tablet made of unfired river clay on which you write an intention for a green lifestyle. And then, somewhere along the route, give it back to the earth where the clay came from. Filmmaker Leonie van den Schoor van Stukproducties.nl made a beautiful film about it.

In the weekend of April 21 and 22, we will prepare the tablets with volunteers. We distribute them (free of charge) to pilgrims who have registered during our departure ceremonies, while supplies last (agenda). Can’t make it? From 22 April, you can write down an intention for a green lifestyle on a vegetable garden label in the Valkhof Chapel to ‘plant’ it in a bowl with soil (more).

More about Leonie van den Schoor, Stukproducties.nl: link
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