8 day group game grimage: Germination

Jansberg Walk of Wisdom

From 29 July to 5 August

Walk the Walk of Wisdom in eight days under the guidance of two volunteers with the theme of germination . The proceeds will go to the development of our book of hours On the way to wisdom (more).

What is your germination rate?
A journey on the Walk of Wisdom.

“We go out and walk for 8 days to investigate together what everyone’s germination capacity is. I want to go on a journey with you to feel the earth beneath our feet. The elements of water, fire, earth and air around us and within ourselves. I want to go on the road with you to grow and discover our germinating power. To be on the road together in silence.

Does this appeal to you too? We will sleep in our own small tents a number of times. The tents are transported to their destination. We also spend a lot of nights just sleeping in a bed indoors. You do carry your own luggage. It’s what the road brings us: every day will be different.

I’m really looking forward to germinating our germinating power!

Kind regards,

– From July 29 to August 5, 2023.
– 8 days of walking, 7 nights, including breakfast and dinner. Drinks and lunch are at your own expense.
– 1x single room in an 18th century monastery, 3x shared room and 3x in a tent (this will be transported! Don’t have a tent? let me know).
– tent in special places including the Tempelhof, the studio of the makers of our symbol, and 2x in a nature reserve.
– Joint departure ceremony. We walk in silence with exchange during the breaks and at meals.
– As an organization, we are not responsible for accidents or theft. You can take out your own travel insurance.

– max 8 participants + 1 accompanying volunteer.
– €695,- including starter kit and postage. The proceeds will go to our book of hours On the way to wisdom.

About the guidance
Manja is co-coordinator of the Walk of Wisdom and works as a nursing teacher. She is also an astrologer and draws on this source in the deepening of the elements during the journey.

For more information [email protected] or tel: 06 10948951

Photo Manja: Monica Boschman

Refund in case of cancellation: (1) until 30 April 100% of your contribution -€35,- administration costs (2) until 31 May 50% (3) until 30 June 30% (4) until 29 July 15%. Of course, if we find a replacement, you’ll get more in return.