Henry Mentink

Stories from markers: Annet Kooijmans

Our marker Annet Kooijmans lives right next to our route in Groesbeek (map 7, dot 10). Pilgrims are welcome to visit her for a cup of coffee for a voluntary contribution. She has a house to spend the night that is very popular, often you can…
Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane co-writes Op Weg naar Wisdom

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Great news: writer Kiza Magendane is going to walk the Walk of Wisdom and is co-writing our second book of pilgrimage hours On the Way to Wisdom. Kiza writes regularly for NRC-Handelsblad and the Groene Amsterdammer and recently published Met Nederland in therapie (With the Netherlands in therapy).
VertrekceremonieYolanda van Diepen

“Pilgrim coaches: a new phenomenon” – by Dane Munro

Academic Dane Munro has written a research paper on "pilgrim coaching", using the Walk of Wisdom as a case study.
kruiwagentocht Oortjeshekken

“We are for the Earth”

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Every nature lover who follows the news has a lot to deal with: nitrogen, climate... the depressing tune! However, there are also optimists among the green people. Who don't talk about doom and fragility of nature. For example, I like…
Henry Mentink

The whole Earth as a World Heritage Site – wheelbarrow ride on the Walk of Wisdom

Henry Mentink nominates the earth as a world heritage site. He walks to Paris with a wheelbarrow full of earth in 45 days.