Nadia Zerouali
Nadia Zerouali
foto: facebookpagina Nadia Zerouali

The well-known TV chef Nadia Zerouali is going on a Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage in the spring and will contribute to our new book On the Road to Wisdom. Nadia has written several cookbooks and in 2016 was one of the initiators of a movement against polarization in society (Ieder1). Nadia has a bicultural background (Moroccan/Dutch) and speaks as we say in Dutch “with her heart on her tongue” (candid and straight). Eating together connects is her message, and according to her the essence of cooking is sharing: preparing food for someone else with love and then eating it together.

We didn’t know Nadia Zerouali until we saw her in the television series about the Walk of Wisdom by Klaas Drupsteen. She walked with him from Beek to Kranenburg and in twenty minutes made us both cry and laugh – what a beautiful and rich combination.

What a nice person – we also thought: we would like to have her in our new book! We sent her an email and she said yes almost immediately. In May she will go for a Walk of Wisdom: she calls it “me-time”. A week retreat after months of hard work.


In our forthcoming Pilgrim’s Book of Hours, On the Road to Wisdom, we gather some of the pilgrims’ individual experiences in a book. We use fragments of pilgrim reports and poems interspersed with art. Especially for the book we invite inspiring people to walk the route and write a contribution. Theater maker Nynke Laverman is participating and now also Nadia Zerouali. More names will come up soon.

Couscous, from cauliflower

We immediately got a book from her: Arabia. When I visited one of our web volunteers, I chose an easy dish for lunch: cauliflower couscous – we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Interesting: in Moroccan cuisine too much is cooked as standard, so there is always food for someone who just drops by. What remains is shared with the neighborhood. Nice! Powerful advice for preparing grain couscous: do not soak, but steam!

Watch the episode with Nadia Zerouali on the tv-series about the Walk of Wisdom.
Cover Fertile Earth Elysian Fields by Siemen Dijkstra

The Vruchtbare Aarde (Fertile Earth) magazine tries to get to the ‘inside of things’. The last issue contained a report by pilgrim Herman Heijstek about his Walk of Wisdom. The issue is in Dutch!

Fertile Earth - Elysian Fields cover by Siemen Dijkstra
Fertile Earth – Elysian Fields cover by Siemen Dijkstra

The overarching theme of this issue of Fertile Earth was how do we become good ancestors? A question that the English philosopher Roman Krznaric recently asked in his book of the same name. Krznaric appeals to the best of mankind that has shown in history to be able to think ahead, beyond the shadow of it’s own generation. From pyramids to cathedrals to the welfare state, we as humanity can work towards a future beyond ourselves. With that same horizon we can make our society sustainable, says Krznaric. Now live like a good ancestor for seven generations on.

I like this way of thinking. Our individual freedom is related to our interconnectedness. Only thanks to everything that generations have built up before me, can I live in the prosperity with which I grew up in the Netherlands. Thanks to the food that people elsewhere sow and harvest for me, thanks to nature that converts the energy of the sun into edible matter, I can exist. I try to contribute something good so that the web of life becomes stronger.

Read the article by Herman Heijstek. The article itself is not so much about good ancestry, but about “slowing down”. The article is in Dutch however!

Hunting Lodge Mookerheide Natuurmonumenten

From every donation for our starter packs, we set aside €1 for nature and the landscape along the route. At the end of December, we helped Natuurmonumenten (+-Dutch national trust) with €240 for the beautiful Hunting Lodge Mookerheide, right on our pilgrimage trail.

Hunting lodge Mookerheide Natuurmonumenten
Hunting lodge Mookerheide on the Walk of Wisdom

Hunting lodge Mookerheide: romance and SS

The Hunting Lodge appeals to our imagination. It was allegedly built to impress a sweetheart – in vain. In World War II it was the headquarters of the feared SS. But it is also the place where Catholic sisters have taken care of displaced girls. A woman who lived there as a girl once told us how loving she had experienced the help of the sisters.

Pilgrims of the Walk of Wisdom have been walking past the Hunting Lodge for years. While the lodge was slowly fading at first, it is now clearly regaining allure. During the restoration, no fewer than 16,000 beautiful mosaic tiles were revealed, which were previously hidden under a layer of stucco. We have now adopted sixteen of those tiles.

Would you also like to adopt a tile for €15? We raffle a free tour of Natuurmonumenten, among who does and sends us an email or puts a reply on Facebook. The Hunting Lodge is easy to reach: it is within walking distance of Mook-Molenhoek station. The date of the tour will be announced (some time after restauration). Help Natuurmonumenten and

Nynke Laverman album Plant

We are proud and happy to announce that singer songwriter Nynke Laverman is going on a Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage in spring. We invited her to walk to make a contribution to our new book On the road to Wisdom and she happily accepted the offer.

Nynke Laverman was one of the first we approached for our new book project. Her theater tour Plant beams with spirit for the planet, both wise and sad and proud and loving. A full evocation of feelings about living in the Anthropocene. Her tour Plant is currently postponed because of Corona but will be continued next year. Hear and see!

Our favorite song from Nynke Laverman