Pilgrims on the big screen: Ode to the Camino!

Pilgrims on the big screen - an ode to the pilgrimage route the camino to Santiago de Compostela
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Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

We Are Going on the Way to Wisdom

Modern pilgrimage is about the freedom to go your own way. Runners seek that freedom wherever there are pilgrimage routes and long-distance trails. To connect with that freedom, Path of Your Own Wisdom was our subtitle for years. But is…

“This book is not facebook: you can put everything in here”

Halfway along the route is a beautiful chapel. Not the most beautiful part of the route, but that chapel works wonders. You can take shelter from the rain and from the sun. You can eat your sandwich or drink your own coffee or tea. There…

The story of the departure ceremony (12): ‘Turn around’

Every first Saturday of the month, a little after sunrise, our departure ceremony is the pilgrim lauds. In the deserted twilight of the Stevens Church in Nijmegen, we walk to a special edition of our first pilgrim book of hours, Seasons of…

A special departure ceremony

Every departure ceremony of the Walk of Wisdom in the Valkhof Chapel, or Nicholas Chapel , is special. Every pilgrim has a different intention to leave and to share that with each other makes it a special, intimate moment. No ceremony is…
pelgrimage van MIreille Geus

On a pilgrimage for a book – Mireille Geus

When we walked away from the car on the first day, our lives immediately became clear. On the first day, during the first minutes, it already started to rain. Then we put on our lightweight raincoat and took shelter. We had to slow down right…
pilgrim Jessie Jager Stevenskerk

“There is always a solution” – Jessie Jager

Slowing down – that's what people often think of when making pilgrimages. This summer, Jessie Jager featured in Runner's World and Women's Health with a completely different experience. Jessie walked our 136 kilometer trail not in one or…
Opening Walk of Wisdom by Ger Loeffen copyright

10.000 pilgrims

(© Photo: Ger Loeffen)The Walk of Wisdom is inspired by a sense of connection with the planet. As a symbol of that connection, we are working on a pilgrimagetrail in all countries of the world. It's quite a plan! Airy-fairy? We believe…

Walk of Wisdom in Buneke

Nice: we are in an English magazine – Buneke. The magazine and the site focus on positive change in the world, on 'world changers'. Glad we're part of that... It is not often that we are in an English magazine. Good example to follow? Read…