Touched by an angel (report by pilgrims Jonna and Geertje)

Mother Geertje and daughter Jonna walked the Walk of Wisdom in the summer of 2018. Geertje wrote an extensive report about their special week together.
Herre Dijkema

“He who only assumes himself is misunderstanding something” (Interview)

An interview by Damiaan Messing. Our start and end point, the Stevenskerk, is kept open by a group of 80 dedicated volunteers who welcome visitors about twice a month, answer questions and show groups around. Among them is philosopher Toine…

Walk of Wisdom wins big regional prize

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Our Walk of Wisdom won the people's award in the election of the Gelderland province for quality of landscape. The jury selected us to the top five, but awarded it's jury prize to a smart city project in Arnhem resurfacing an old river…
Jansberg Walk of Wisdom

Outside your comfort zone – report by pilgrim Joke Greep

After Joke came home from her 5-day pilgrimage, she had to put her thoughts on paper. It had been so overwhelming and fantastic. She wanted to hold on to that feeling so badly: I went way out of my comfort zone. I jumped in at the deep end.…

Garden Bird Count 2019

If you walk the Walk of Wisdom , you will encounter countless birds. Did you know that there are even kingfishers on the route? (in the waters near the Sint Jansberg) But, what about the birds at home, in your garden? To gain insight into…

Tough silence

Tough silence, that's how we can celebrate the day of the silent walk of December 9th. best. With a group of 12 people, we didn't let the bad weather forecast stop us. We challenged the sun to make contact with us.
Herre Dijkema

Silently toiling along together – report by Erica and Richard Lichtendahl (pilgrim 2606 and 2607)

My wife Erica and I hadn't made a significant trek for about five years and gradually the plan arose to make another pilgrimage with backpack luggage. Because we had already walked several times in France and Spain with our final destination Santiago, we now wanted to stay a little closer to home. Read Richard and Erica Lichtendahl's report here.

Valkhofkapel and Walk of Wisdom save €600 for bird protection

Over the past year, hundreds of pilgrims and passers-by have written an intention for a green lifestyle on a vegetable garden label in the Valkhof Chapel in Nijmegen and then 'planted' it in a container of soil. The action was a collaboration…
herstkus pelgrimsroute Walk of Wisdom

Autumn kiss from a pilgrim from Amsterdam

"This autumn kiss is a symbol for all the 'kisses' I received on this walk of wisdom kisses. Kissed by the silence, the beauty, the peace, the animals, the skies, the water, sunbeams and flowers, the emptiness and the volte, nice girlfriend…
Herre Dijkema

New ambassador: Herre Dijkema, director RBT KAN

Herre Dijkema is director of the regional tourist board of the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and will help us put the Walk of Wisdom on the map. Herre has many contacts at home and abroad and a whole team of experts in the field of marketing. The…