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The Walk of Wisdom is a modern pilgrimage route of 136 kilometers around Nijmegen. The route has been awarded, but is experienced as very quiet, away from mass tourism. Pilgrims decide for themselves how they want to make their journey.

The route is inspired by the idea that we are all part of the same planet. The big plan is one Walk of Wisdom in every country in the world – and then to connect them. It might be a little too ambitious! (more).

Latest News & Stories

A tattoo as a memory – report by Willie van Gurp

"Hello lovely people of the Walk...." Willie van Gurp from Zwolle registered as the 15,048th pilgrim this summer. Afterwards, he emailed us this heartwarming report. With the touching announcement that he had the symbol of the Walk of Wisdom…

Landscape contribution: €222 for nature foundation Kadans in Nederasselt

Although our route runs right past it, pilgrims will not know the area. Out of sight, but not out of mind!
bruggetje Bergharen door Martine van Vliet

Not yet the finish please…!

Not yet the finish please...mutters pilgrim Martine van Vliet at the end of her journey.