A contemporary pilgrimage

Walk of Wisdom is a pilgrimage of about a week with mobile devices switched off as much as possible. The rite is independent of a religion and rooted in the idea that we are all part of the same planet and the same life.

Our vision is one signposted Walk of Wisdom in every country of the world – then to connect them. It might take a while. We made the first step with a pioneer trail of 136 kilometres around Nijmegen. Sign up as pilgrim? Click here.

latest news and stories


€150,- for Dutch conservation trust

With joy we donated €150,- for the Dutch conservation trust to maintain the Palland Valley. The valley is kept to demonstrate the original Dutch landschape with braided and wooded hedges. The trust campaigns for funds to restore this landscape.…

Routeguide english edition in print!

Many thanks to our volunteers Stuart Harris and Daniëlle Slootjes who translated our routeguide. After months of work we were able to send the english edtion to the printer. We expect the guides mid June and hope to finish our website english…
De eerste Walk of Wisdom pelgrims vanover de oceaan

Our first pilgrims from America

This morning, as the 2654th and 2655th pilgrim, Sam Sokolsky-Tifft from Massachusetts and Spencer Wilson from Georgia left tot a Walk of Wisdom. The two Americans were very interested in the journey - "good for our soul" - and will test a translation…
Film: Leonie van den Schoor (Stukproducties.nl) met muziek van Helma Mollenkamp en Ben Dirks (duo MESSINGH).