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The Walk of Wisdom is a modern pilgrimage route of 136 kilometers around Nijmegen. The route has been awarded, but is experienced as very quiet, away from mass tourism. Pilgrims decide for themselves how they want to make their journey.

The route is inspired by the idea that we are all part of the same planet. The big plan is therefore one Walk of Wisdom in every country of the world – to connect them (more).

Pelgrimsroute Walk of Wisdom Nijmegen
Symbolen pelgrimsroute Walk of Wisdom
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Latest News & Stories

Report of a walk, April 6-14

"What a wonderful journey you have set out. I'm completely fulfilled, but also tired! How beautiful this part of the Netherlands is and I was able to find my way through the 'angel' signaling. I (born in 1944) often had a 'alone in the world' feeling! I also looked in amazement at the many horses and sheep in polders and floodplains [...]

Marcia Teeken: modern pilgrim (photo-reportage)

Photographer Marcia Teeken walked the Walk of Wisdom and made this impressive photo report. Modern Pilgrim Marcia Teeken Watch the full report of "Modern Pilgrim": link. More…

“Something like that melts my heart” – Marlies (and Pieter) on the Walk of Wisdom

Marlies and Pieter walked the Walk of Wisdom together in 2022. Afterwards, Marlies wrote a roaring report on her website, which we can share here. Here's to it! The Walk of Wisdom A walk that made a big impression on us is the Walk of…